About Watch Radio NYC

Watch Radio NYC opened its doors in 2017 and has since maintained the
reputation of being “The Big Apple’s” Best Looking Sound. We have been Saint
Lucia’s most recognizable online media house, laying the foundation for feel-good
crossover tunes, covering globally recognized genres, and a sincere dedication for
community outreach. Based in New York City, the city that never sleeps, Watch
Radio does not only serve the tristate area, but we are a global station with a
clear, crisp signal sharing music, talk and information.

Watch Radio’s unique attention to the global community has made it a staple for
Saint Lucians within the diaspora. Through stalwart support and ceaseless
commendations, we have become a station of choice for many. Watch Radio NYC
has evolved into #1 source for “World Beat” musical sounds and lifestyles.

Watch Radio NYC is a New York Urban Adult Online Contemporary station with 2+
million listeners. 60% of listeners are between the ages of 25-64. Broadcasting
from its internationally recognized studios are award winning and internationally
known personalities like DJ Innocent, DJ Jenn, DJ Shawn, DJ Syfy, Philadelphia
based sound system Black Widow, and talk show master Peter D with his Bouyon